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I want to share a spiritual experience I have had with you today. Unfortunately, we had this experience via Zoom, which I wish I had lived face to face.

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Let me start my words without further branching out… I attended the Protestant Church Sunday service today. As a result of my thesis research, I met with the church director in the city where I live and he invited me to their ceremony. I encountered a large group of community from children to the elderly. Especially since I just joined, they gave me the right to speak. It was such a warm and sincere welcome… It wouldn’t be a lie if I said that I was moved to tears after I closed Zoom.

Religion is a very specific and subjective phenomenon, and this is not discussed through a blog post, of course. What I just meant is that it was invaluable to meet an effortless, unrequited, tolerant, warm embrace in these difficult times, especially in a time when I closed myself to love…

Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

We are going through a difficult period. Our mental health is so susceptible to deterioration! The love and sincerity that a community showed me at an unexpected moment, regardless of religion, made me write this article.

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Having this experience this afternoon stuck in my mind and I can say that it saved me in the near of a spiritual breakdown. It was an incredible experience to attend that ritual! I wish everyone to embrace each other with love regardless of religion, language, gender or race. In this way, maybe you can save a person who has darkness in his heart.

I wish everyone a loving merry Christmas!

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